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Rick Patterson is preparing to release several new songs from his current album HICK IT UP. The development of HICK IT UP has quickly become the new “catch phrase” and is referred to as “The People’s Music”. Without a doubt HICK IT UP  and the HICK NATION are a way of life for his sizeable host of fans across the country. “God, Family & the USA…It’s the way we love, the way we live, how we’re born, how we’re bred, how we bare our young and bury our dead”. RP

Rick’s journey, has been influenced by a diverse genre of music. He has performed at many well-known venues, such as the Historic Texan Theatre, Nashville Palace and the Wild Horse Saloon to name a few. He has a unique sound and style of music and is exceptionally talented not only in performance but in songwriting as well. Rick has written 7 out of the 10 songs included on his album.

Judge for yourself by listening to HICK IT UP

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